In our state oft he art prosthetic studio, we design prosthetics with the newest technologies.

Foot Prosthetics (Bellmann, Silicone)

Beside the biomechanical component, the cosmetic is also very important by designing foot prosthetics. With modern silicone technics, it is possible to create very natural looking parts.

Below Knee Prosthetics

Below Knee Prosthetics have to be very functional. The Patient has to be able to live a normal live without any limitations. The prosthetic parts are choosen by the activity of the patient. There are so many options, to make the user as comfortable as possible ( activity, cosmetic, weight, ect.).
Some feet are able to adjust automatically to the heel or the surface the user is walking on.

Knee exarticulation Prosthetics

A big benefit is the full weight baring stump. A disadvantage is the cosmetic issue, with can be compensated with special knee joints.

Transfemoral Prosthetics

At first, a TF Prosthetic has so give the patient a lot of security. It is very important to have a socket, that is very well fitted. Also the coordination between the Knee and the foot has to be very balanced.

There are some defferent designed sockets, so we can make it comfortable for every patient.

A special design ist he MAS Socket:

The MAS Socket (Marlo Anatomicas Socket) is developed by the mexican engineer and CPO Marlo Ortiz. At different workshops (Oessur, Eindhoven and Bundesfachschule für Orthopädiethechnik) we learned directly from Marlo how to build this special Socke and we are certified to desing the MAS Socket.

The MAS Socket combines a lot of security with the best range of motion in a prosthetic socket. Also ist he MAS Socket very comfortable to sit with.

Hip Exarticulation Prosthetics

For this kind of prosthetics the security is also very important. With comfortable socket systems and Modern Hipjoints, it is possible to imitate the rotation oft he pelvis while walking and to gain a very natural gait.

Waterproof Prosthetics

It is possible to desing every prosthetic waterproof.

Sport Prosthetics

With todays state oft he art technology it is possible to perform every possible sport.

Ortho Prosthetics

This is a special prosthetic with both components of a prosthesis and a Brace.