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The beginning

Friedrich Hellwig established the company 1831

Friedrich Hellwig established the company 1831 and managed it for 42 years in a very interesting era of the towns history. The population grew from 20.000 cititiens to almost 60.000. In the medical field Krukenberg founded the first university-polyclinic and moved 1840 to his new hospital at the Dome Place (Today, zoological institute of the Martin Luther University).

The 2. Generation

Period of promoterism

The second Generation also managed the company for 33 years. It was the period of promoterism and the face of the city changed rapidly. After a new clinic construction and the work of the famous surgeon Richard von Volkmann, the orthopedic industry boomed.

The 3. Generation

Paul Hellwig

The 3. Generation started, one year after takeover with a conviction in court in the cause of indecent behavior. The delict: They posted condoms in the windowshield. As Grandson of the founder, Paul Hellwig expanded the business and constructed 1910 a new building in the Barfüßerstrasse , which still is our head office.

The 4.Generation

Fritz Hellwig

Fritz Hellwig guided the company through the second world war and managed to stay privat in the socialistic economy of the DDR.

The 5. Generation

Modern store for medical supplies with focus prosthetics

As 5. Generation Volkmar and Martina Hellwig took 1974 the company over. In this era, only a limited amount of work could be done (socialistic economy of the DDR). After the Wall was gone, the company changed to a modern medical supply office with state of the art production lines focused in prosthetics.

With the assistence of Melanie Hellwig and Silvio Semadeni the company was established in orthotics and children orthopedic technology.


State or the art prosthetic technology, children othopedic solutions and orthotics

On january first the company was translated in to a GbR. In 6. generation Melany Hellwig and Silvio Semadeni take care of business as director of company. Of course, they will be supported by Volkmar and Martina Hellwig in the daily business and their son Marius Hellwig is working in the company reha team halle.

As a strong family business we take care of our clients and partners with great experience and modern technology and a lot of enthusiasm.

Januar 2019

Eröffnung unserer neuen modernen Zentralwerkstatt

Fertigstellung und Eröffnung unserer neuen modernen Zentralwerkstatt mit großzügigem Kundenbereich in der Rosenfelderstrasse. Durch die Nachbarschaft zum Reha Team Halle, ist die ganzheitliche Versorgung unserer Kunden in allen Bereichen durch ausgewiesene Fachleute gewährleistet.

Auf ca. 2000m² entstand eine moderne Werkstatt, großzügige, funktionelle Anprobebereiche mit integrierten Gangstrecken, Schrägen, Treppen und Schulungs- und Lagerräumen.